Aircraft Lightning Strike

Aircraft Lightning Strike Danger

Aircraft Lightning Strike Danger

There is nothing quite like an aircraft lightning strike, and sometimes we catch one on video that is truly interesting. Today I am going to share one such aircraft lightning strike with you.

An airliner has just taxied into its parking spot when lightning strikes the tail of the aircraft. As any pilot knows an aircraft lightning strike will have both an entry point and an exit point. What I don’t know about this one is whether or not there was a ball of fire running down the aisle of the aircraft.

Once while flying a DC-3 I had such an occurrence – unsettling at best. When we landed I found the entrance point in the top of the vertical stabilizer with an exit point at the radome. The aircraft lightning strike sent a ball of fire down the aisle in the back of the aircraft surprising my passengers and giving them a thrill.

Now, I want you to watch the following video very carefully and see if you can spot the really interesting thing about it:

Be sure and watch this video all the way through. The first time you won’t see everything that happens.

Turns out being ground crew can be dangerous too!

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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John White

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