Randolph Pilot Sunglasses

Are Preferred By Professional Pilots For Exceptional Durability, Eye Comfort & Increased Visual Acuity While Flying

Once you experience wearing our Randolph pilot sunglasses you will understand exactly why our customers make comments like “As a professional pilot, good comfortable sunglasses are a necessity.”, “Great craftsmanship and they look and feel terrific” and “They are so comfortable and easy on the eyes”.These outstanding pilot sunglasses deliver exceptional performance and are affordable on practically any budget. Made in the USA by skilled craftsmen, each pair are meticulously manufactured to the highest standards.

All of our technologies, skills, resources, and critical thinking are dedicated to making our products the first choice of those who demand performance over passing fashion.

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You Need The Best Pilot Sunglasses Available Today!

Randolph Aviator 23K Gold Frame Bayonet Temple AGX Glass Lenses Model AF51614

Randolph Pilot Sunglasses 23K Gold Frame Bayonet Temple AGX Glass Lens Model AF51614

With so many choices when it comes to buying a pair of pilot sunglasses how do you know which are the best for you? You know that:

randolph pilot sunglasses aviatorsHarmful ultraviolet rays can injure eyes or cause disease in your eyes;

randolph pilot sunglasses aviator reviewUnprotected eyes exposed to harsh sunlight can become red and irritated;

randolph pilot sunglasses aviator glassesDirect and indirect glare can interfere with your sight and cause accidents;

Eyes Stay Cool While Seeing Everything With Incredible Clarity!

I don’t know about you, but after I spend all day outdoors, driving a long distance or flying at altitude my eyes get red, sore and tired from the bright sunlight. At the end of the day your head hurts, the indoor lights cause your eyes to squint, you feel drained of energy and just want to lay down.

randolph pilot sunglasses Randolph pilot sunglasses mineral crown glass lenses provide the ideal eye comfort;

pilot sunglasses by randolph engineering Randolph Pilot sunglasses mineral glass lenses are ground and polished to precise optical distortion-free standards so that you will see everything absolutely distortion free;

best pilot sunglasses Randolph Pilot sunglasses lenses will block 98-100% of dangerous ultraviolet rays providing maximum eye protection from injury or disease.

There’s no need to struggle anymore!

We’ll show you how Randolph Pilot sunglasses can help even if other sunglasses you purchased disappointed you.

Randolph pilot sunglasses aviator

These Randolph Pilot Sunglasses Keep Your Eyes Safe!

As a pilot I have worn Randolph Engineering pilot sunglasses for over 30 years in preference to any other aviator sunglasses I have purchased in the past. I am type rated in several aircraft, including jets, and have experienced the harmful effects of bright sunlight and damaging uv rays first hand.

The precision ground mineral lenses absorb 98-100% of harmful UVA, UVB & UVC ultraviolet rays while allowing 12 to 18% of visible light to pass through – this is the ideal comfort level for most wearers. With exceptionally scratch-resistant glass lenses and blue light blocking you will see everything with absolute distortion free clarity.

The very first time I put my Randolph Pilot Sunglasses on my eyes instantly relaxed, felt cooler and I noticed the incredible effect on my visual acuity. Suddenly I could see everything sharper, clear and with their natural colors more than you could ever imagine possible!

You Deserve The Randolph Pilot Sunglasses Difference!

pilot sunglasses
Randolph Engineering Twist Tests Every 50th Pair Of Randolph Pilot Sunglasses
Have you ever had a pair of pilot sunglasses that you really liked, but found yourself disappointed when something happened and they were broken. Perhaps you dropped them and a lens broke, or you used the wrong material and scratched the lenses, or someone sat on your sunglasses bending the front of the frame or the temples.Well, Randolph pilot sunglasses are Made In The USA. This is important because they have a large inventory of not just sunglasses, but sunglasses parts as well. So if something happens to your sunglasses and you need new lenses, new temples or any other part or accessory, you can purchase just the part or accessory you need to replace! No other manufacturer provides this same level of support!

Do Other Pilot Sunglasses Come With All Of These Features?

best sunglasses for pilots Randolph Aviator sunglasses come with a 1-year 100% money back guarantee!

best pilot sunglasses The Randolph pilot sunglasses warranty guarantees that any Randolph pilot sunglasses frame with broken solder joints will be repaired or replaced, and sent back to you free of charge!

pilot sunglasses recommended Each pair are 100% authentic and genuine – shipped brand new direct from the factory!

best pilot sunglasses for pilots These pilot sunglasses will fit your head perfectly;

pilot sunglasses You can easily slip them on and off under ear noise protectors, hats, helmets, headsets and other gear you wear;

pilot aviator sunglasses The hand polished nickel silver frames will not corrode and will keep their finish for many years to come;

pilots sunglasses If you need prescription lenses then simply purchase the frame of your choice, slip in your prescription lenses and you are good to go;

These Randolph Pilot Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes!

There are 3 categories of invisible high energy UV rays: UVC rays, the highest-energy rays and potentially the most harmful, UVB rays with slightly longer wavelengths and lower energy than UVC rays and UVA rays which are closer to visible light rays but which can pass through the cornea and reach the lens and retina inside the eye.Gary Heiting, O.D. has researched the effects of UV (ultra-violet) rays noting that extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to eye damage, including cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae and pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss. Randolph Pilot Sunglasses
In the second image note how the Randolph pilot sunglasses lens blocks the harmful UV rays and the Infrared rays, but allows all of the visible light to pass through. When considering the purchase of a pair of aviator sunglasses it is important to make sure they block between 98-100% of these harmful UV rays, as well as the infrared rays. Infrared radiation is transformed into heat which can heat up and burn the surface of your eyes. This is why your eyes may feel warm, become red and tired with long exposure to bright sunlight.Blocking the Infrared radiation results in your eyes feeling cooler, preventing surface burn damage to your retina. pilot aviator sunglasses
The very best pilot sunglasses must block 98 to 100% of UV rays along with the infrared rays and “blue light” rays. Recent studies suggest that the blue end of the light spectrum may also contribute to retinal damage and possibly lead to macular degeneration. The retina can be harmed by high-energy visible radiation of blue/violet light that penetrates the macular pigment found in the eye. Notice how the Randolph® Aviator sunglasses lenses with premium mineral glass are ground to block uv, infrared and visible “blue light” rays. Randolph Aviator pilot sunglasses

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Apr 04, 2014 by Alex

these are the finest sunglasses I have ever held or looked through....
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May 20, 2013 by Margaret Craft

I bought the sunglasses for my grandson who is 15 and just learning how to fly. They are very nice, great quality and we will buy more ...
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Aviator glasses

Mar 08, 2013 by Sally

The glasses I bought were for my daughter who is a pilot. She loves them! The only "problem" we had is that we couldn't get them shipped ...
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Each Pair Come With Bayonet Temples!

aviator pilot sunglasses

Choose The Best Lens Tint For You!

pilot sunglass

What Comes In The Box?

When your Randolph pilot sunglasses arrive they will come in a beautiful box, and inside the box you will find a hard carrying case, a special Randolph pilot sunglasses micro fiber cleaning cloth, a maintenance equipment kit with a small screw driver, extra screws and extra nose pads, as well as a copy of the Randolph pilot sunglasses Certificate of Guarantee and a Warranty Card.

pilot sunglasses for men

Our Return And Exchange Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase simply return it within 1 year for a full 100% refund of your purchase price… no questions asked!

To exchange your purchase for a different size, frame finish, temple style or lens color simply let us know and we will cheerfully exchange your purchase and pay the exchange shipping both ways.

Build Your Very Own Pair Of Randolph Pilot Sunglasses!

Order your pair of Randolph Pilot Sunglasses right now for only
$ 129.00 with FREE Shipping (Continental USA Only), or just a flat
$ 30 US for USPS Express Mail International to overseas destinations.



Choose from the following frame colors:
Pilot Sunglasses
Randolph Pilot Sunglasses
Randolph Engineering
$129 to $ 199 New

Use the following to choose frame size:

  • 52mm: (Small – 5.00″ Frame Width)
  • 55mm: (Regular – 5 1/4″ Frame Width)
  • 58mm: (Larger Head Size – 5 3/4″ Frame Width)

Use the following to choose your lens colors:

  • Grey – provides absolute true color reception;
  • Tan – works exceptionally well on overcast days;
  • AGX – slight green tint for a cool look!

Please allow 5 business days for processing and shipping.

Questions? Special Orders? Don’t See What You Want?

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