Charts, Airspace and Airport Incursions Avoidance Webinar

LaGuardia Approach ChartCharts, Airspace and Airport Incursions Avoidance Webinar

This is a very informative webinar presented to answer questions related to odd and different things about charts.

It is presented by the New England FAASTeam and is a follow up on an earlier webinar about “Things that Make You Go Hmmm – Charts”. Who among us hasn’t scratched their head while looking at a chart?

Charts help us navigate both on the ground and in the air. But sometimes they have symbols we don’t remember the meaning of.

During a recent webinar the audience had more questions than there was time enough to answer.

Chart Webinar

This webinar will be is on Tuesday February 27th, 2018.

Titled “Charts, Airspace & Airspace/Airport Incursion Avoidance” it will take place at 17:30 Central Standard Time.

It will be presented by John Wood & Stephen K. Brown.

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WINGS credit will be awarded based upon the email used in the registration, so please use the same email address to register that you also use for WINGS.

You will receive 1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3.

The New England FAASTeam is oriented towards helping you be a better and safer pilot, focusing on Promoting, Educating and Improving aviation.

Register today and don’t miss out!

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