Polarized vs Nonpolarized Sunglasses For Pilots

The Hawk Dark Ruthenium Frame Skull Temple Blue Gradient Lite Non-Polarized Lens Sunglasses OP7F402-2-NY

Airplane Cockpit Windscreens and Polarization

Most airplane cockpit windscreens are at least partially polarized from either built-in polarization or from windscreen heating elements.

When you look through a polarized windscreen the world looks normal.

But when you look at a polarized windscreen through polarized sunglasses you can get a rainbow effect, a marae pattern if you will, which makes it difficult to see through effectively, and it becomes a potential safety issue. Read more

Vintage Air Rally Crete2Cape

Vintage Air Rally Crete2Cape and Randolph AviatorsFor everyone that loves aviation starting November 12th, 2016 the Vintage Air Rally Crete2Cape will start. This adventure will feature 10 vintage aircraft that will recreate the 1931 Imperial Airways ‘Africa Route’ from Crete to Cape Town South Africa. Each aircraft was built before December 21st 1939 and will take 5 weeks to complete this flight.

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