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Air Transport International Boeing 767

by John M. White |

Yesterday I discussed what is happening with ABX Holdings and DHL, brought on in large part by rising fuel costs. Every day it seems that another airline bites the dust, or that more consolidation takes place. It seems that only the giants like UPS will survive. I imagine this is why DHL is looking to partner with UPS which has one of the largest fleets of aircraft, and probably has more power to negotiate better fuel prices than other carriers. In an earlier post I talked about UPS using SafeFlite technology to reduce costs, including fuel burns, and with a large fleet this amounts to a lot of money and give UPS a real advantage over its competitors. If they can save 40-70 gallons of jet fuel per leg this adds up in a hurry! On a more personal note, my son works for ATI and recently completed school on the Boeing 767 aircraft which are being added to ATI's fleet of DC-8 aircraft. He sent me this picture: My guess is this is one of the aircraft DHL will use to replace the ABX Holdings aircraft to be more efficient in their freight business. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

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