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"Fifi" - The World's Only Flying B-29 Aircraft

by John M. White |

The World's Only Flying B-29 - "FiFi"While it took a long time to rebuild the B-29 aircraft known as "Fifi" now spends its time traveling from air show to air show reminding us of the young men who went off to war and never returned. These young pilots came from all walks of life, many never dreaming of flying such a machine like the B-29 aircraft - yet, they came, they learned, they flew and they died. The B-29 replaced the B-17 Flying Fortress and earned the nickname Superfortress. Perhaps the most famous B-29 aircraft is the Enola Gay which dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan.

The Commemorative Air Force's "Fifi"

The Commemorative Air Force completely rebuilt this aircraft and those Wright R-3350 radial engines bringing "Fifi" back to life. The project took many years to accomplish with many thousands of dollars of donations and thousands of hours of work by many unpaid volunteers to rebuild this unique flying museum.

A Short Video Of A Truly Rare Aircraft

P-51 Aircraft Flew Cover

One of my favorite aircraft - the P-51 "Mustang" - flew cover for these wonderful aircraft as they flew their bombing missions. However, given the speed and altitude of the B-29 aircraft it was near impossible for enemy fighters to catch it, and for ground based anti-aircraft guns to hit it. Share the excitement with your very own Large Aircraft Model with Stand - The B-29 Superfortress "Fifi," Silve.r In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch! Please share "Offut Air Force Base" with your friends using the buttons below. Thanks!             Follow Me on Pinterest Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7+ ps: Don't forget to sign up for updates via email for "All Things Aviation" here!

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