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P51 Mustang Ford Mustang

by John M. White |

P51 Mustang AircaftWhat do the P51 Mustang airplane and the Ford Mustang car have to do with each other? I recently ran across an old article entitled "Two P-51 pilots reunite with their warbirds..." about their being reunited with the aircraft they flew while at Oshkosh in 2009. Brothers had flown Mustang aircraft in World War II. The article was about Cuthbert (Bill) Pattillo and Charles (Buck) Pattillo, twin brothers who wound up flying missions over Europe.

The Pattillo Brothers in WWII

The Pattillo Brothers with a P51 Mustang in WWIIHere the two brothers are photographed in front of the "Little Rebel" during World War II. Bill was shot down flying his airplane "Sweet and Lovely" and was a POW until the end of the war, while Buck found himself bailing out of an on fire airplane loaded with napalm bombs. Bill shot down an ME262 jet on April 10th, 1945 and flew 35 combat missions in the "Sweet and Lovely" bird.

Oshkosh 2009

At age 85 both men attended Oshkosh where they were reunited with their aircraft which they had not seen in 64 years.P51 Mustang Aircraft "Sweet and Lovely" and "Little Rebel" in flight.To top it off they both got a chance to fly in their aircraft after all of those years.

Mustangs in Flight Video

Enter the Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang IllustrationOn April 17, 1964 the Ford Motor Company introduced the Ford Mustang car to the world. It turns out that John Najjar Ferzely, a fan of the P51 Mustang aircraft and executive stylist for the Ford Motor Company, is credited by Ford for having suggested the name. Ferzely was an aviation enthusiast who saw the sleek lines of the original concept of the Ford Mustang as similar to the ines of the P51 Mustang. After the company properly vetted the name (which also was connected to the wild horses of the west) the name was applied to the first show car and then to the production version of the Ford Mustang. Today many still love the Ford Mustang which has a strong following among car enthusiasts. 2013 Ford Mustang

Learn More About Both Mustangs

What Do You Think?

Please leave some of your thoughts about both the airplane and the car with a comment! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! By John White
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