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Introducing Real Clean Aviation Products - Keep Your Airplane Clean!

by John M. White |


Dustin Zeitler, the founder of Real Clean Aviation Products, has come up with a selection of excellent products to keep your airplane clean.

Real Clean Products Flyaway Cleaning Kit for exterior and interior detailing.
Real Clean Flyaway Kit for Exterior and Interior Detailing of your aircraft!

Dustin began his career as an A&P mechanic and followed that up by learning to fly. He then transitioned into working as a commercial pilot and flight instructor.

Dustin then became interested in aircraft detailing and he started Real Clean Aircraft detailing which quickly grew into his full time career. He soon discovered that there were not a lot of excellent products to use. Because of that he decided to create his own line of aircraft cleaning and detailing products in 2007 and Real Clean Aviation Products was born.

His first hand knowledge and experience in cleaning aircraft, large and small, has been his key to success. Dustin's philosophy is "Love something, learn everything about it, work hard and success will follow." Those are the words Dustin lives by.

As professional aircraft detailers at RealClean Aircraft Detailing they know how products should work and what they should deliver to the aircraft owner. As a result, over the years, through countless hours of real world testing, he has developed world class products for detailing your aircraft.

His philosophy is that cleaning products should be easy to use and deliver great results, period! Real Clean Aviation Products is dedicated to design and create only the best cleaning and detailing products specifically for the aerospace industry. They not only have created the finest aircraft detailing products but use them every day with their own customer.

Among the various offerings are some very interesting products. For example, if you have a turboprop consider their Turbine Soot Remover Kit.

Or, for your general aviation aircraft look closely at the Flyaway Cleaning Kit.

Or the all new NewStax Aircraft Exhaust Polishing Kit.

We are excited that they have decided to partner with us to provide you access to these exceptional aircraft cleaning and detailing products. Take a few minutes to look through all of the fine products we carry here at All Things Aviation.

RealClean Aircraft Detailing is located at Elliott Aviation in Moline, IL and can be reached at 1 (888) 944-6357.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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