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Will The Concorde Fly Again?

by John M. White |

Concorde TakeoffOn October 23rd, 2003, the Concorde ended it's career as the world's fastest airliner and left the skies forever. Or, has it? It's an amazing thing that you can do with a fistful of money. For example, you could buy a used Concorde and give rides in it, go to airshows, flypasts, air shows, corporate events and even private charters.

How About Advertising?

Oh, that's been done already! The Concorde In Pepsi Livery Pepsi had one painted as one of their pop cans!

Money, Money and More Money

A recent article in Flight Club claims it will happen by 2019! Here is what a group of ex-pilots, maintainers, engineers, airline execs and Concorde enthusiasts say:
So with literally hundreds of millions of dollars to play with, Club Concorde sees the reintroduction of Concorde to the skies as within their reach. They also want to procure another Concorde, one currently housed at Orly Airport in Paris, and have it moved to a special built platform along the River Thames, next to the London Eye ferris wheel. There it would stand as a sixty million dollar tourist attraction, replete with a high-end restaurant where you can eat the same lavish meals dispensed on the Concorde as part of a standard $8,000 airfare. If the group can accomplish those two goals, they look to getting a second Concorde back into service. Big hurdles do exist, and the technical ones although monumental, are not the most outstanding. Air France and British Airways were adamant about having Concorde’s legend sunset with their brands on the tail. So much so that they demanded that no other operator fly the jets. It is not clear how the Club Concorde plans on overcoming this political hurdle. Maybe some sort of deal can be worked out, and maybe the decade plus that have past since Concorde’s retirement has eased those in power’s demand for strict control over the jet’s demise. Beyond their supposed access to a mountain of cash and their members technical know-how, Club Concorde may have another thing going for it. This year marks the end of another British aerospace icon’s time in the skies, that of the lovingly restored and brilliantly-operated Vulcan Bomber known by its serial number as XH588. The big delta-winged jet has wowed international crowds like no other flying act, especially this season. It has also been the centerpiece of many flypasts in the UK, with the Royal Air Force Red Arrows often in tow off its wings.

Enter Club Concorde!

Club Concorde is a club for all things Concorde, run by ex-Captains, ex-charterers and people passionate about Concorde, working together to keep Concorde in people's hearts and minds. Club Concorde works closely with the various museums around the UK and internationally where the many Concordes are resting. Club Concorde is for people to join who are lovers of Concorde. We offer the opportunity for members to share their anecdotes and photos of Concorde whether or not they were lucky enough to experience supersonic travel.

Are You Ready?

I'm ready and can't wait - missed my opportunity but perhaps I will get another - just have to live long enough and collect enough dough for the trip! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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