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Emergencies Happen - Will You Be Prepared?

Emergencies Happen - Will You Be Prepared? We all love to fly our airplanes, and for most of us nothing will ever happen. But what if something did happen and you needed to apply first aid until the first responders could arrive? Will you be ready? Fortunately during my flying career I have never had anything happen that required immediate first aid, and as best I can recall very few of the aircraft I flew even had anything for emergency first aid. What Is A Good Solution? Well, on our website we sell some products that would be of interest and use to pilots, and one of the things we offer are some first aid and survival kits. I encourage you to think about this and take action to prepare yourself and your aircraft in case you need to take care of medical problem right away. Perhaps you can carry in your car and then move to your aircraft when you go flying, or perhaps simply leave it in the aircraft so that if anything happens you have at least something to help. All to often we imagine that it will happen to the other pilot, not me. That attitude can leave you in a very bad place! Some Solutions: The All Purpose First Aid Kit is a one-stop solution and can be utilized for nearly any first aid scenario, from backyard cuts and scrapes to a sprained ankle on the soccer field. In addition, the All Purpose First Aid Kit has has supplies and instructions to treat shock and administer CPR during an emergency.With the EZ Care First Aid System®, all supplies are organized and packed into injury-specific pouches. Quick-reference instructions are included so that anyone can quickly and confidently provide first aid.

by John White •