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A 90 Year Old High Flyer

by John M. White |

When I was instructing I recall that a lot of students assigned to me were older, and I guess the reason they were assigned to learn from me was my patience. I really enjoyed working with these budding pilots, or pilots working on additional ratings, and it taught me a lot about the elderly. In an interesting article in"The Star", a newspaper serving South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom we learn of a former butcher who caught the flying bug after taking several rids in a glider back in 1962. Today, at 90 years young, Frank Thompson still goes out to fly a glider every Thursday. 90 Year Old Glider Pilot Frank admits on the first ride he was a bit scared, but that went away quickly as he became more familiar with gliders. When he started flying gliders they were made of wood and fabric, but modern gliders are constructed out of fiberglass and have much better performance. The Doncaster Gliding Club official Chris Cooper said "Frank is a great character and makes sure that we all are kept up to the mark with no slacking. He is proof that age is no bar to keeping flying." As I advance in age this is great news! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 Prepare for the unknown, unexpected and inconceivable . . . after 50 years of flying I'm still learning every time I fly. — Gene Cernan, last man to walk on the Moon.

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