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A Contrast In Character!

by John M. White |

What a contrast in character! Yesterday I wrote about this idiot from Indiana who flew his Piper Mailbu from Anderson, Indiana to a location in Northern Florida, bailed out over Alabama in an attempt to evade prosecution by the Feds, cut his wrists and was captured by the police. Late yesterday a brave and talented airline pilot, Capt. C.B. "Sully" Sullenberger, encountered birds on takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York, safely landed in the Hudson River, saving every passenger and crew member aboard with not much more than a fascinating story to tell their friends.  Now this man is a true hero in every sense of the word.  Before he exited the aircraft he walked back through the cabin with rising water inside to make sure everyone had safely exited before he left his sinking ship. This is an example of a true American hero! Later last night I listened to an interview with Clay Lacy of Lacy Aviation in Burbank, CA, on the Michael Savage radio show.  If there is one thing about aviation in general it is the people in aviation in particular.  The true aviators always show their class and gumption and thier character always shines through. Thank's for a great day yesterday Capt. Sullenberger, and for reminding us of how one ordinary citizen can become a real American hero in the blink of an eye.  Way to go! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

Impressions of a Pilot

Flight is freedom in its purest form, To dance with the clouds which follow a storm;

To roll and glide, to wheel and spin, To feel the joy that swells within;

To leave the earth with its troubles and fly, And know the warmth of a clear spring sky;

Then back to earth at the end of a day, Released from the tensions which melted away.

Should my end come while I am in flight, Whether brightest day or darkest night;

Spare me your pity and shrug off the pain, Secure in the knowledge that I'd do it again;

For each of us is created to die, And within me I know, I was born to fly.

— Gary Claud Stokor

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