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A Kindle Reader For Pilots

by John M. White |

I don't know about you, but I really like to read, and most of all I like to read about airplanes, pilots and flying. My guess is you are the same way. Most of the pilots I have met over the years consume a lot of reading material for two reasons: 1. Because you have a lot of time while you wait for your passengers to return; 2. Because you are just naturally curios - that's why you fly, right? In any case, how many times have you been at an airport, gone to the pilot lounge to wait, looked around for something interesting to read and all you could find was some dog-eared book about nothing you are interested in. Television doesn't help much - how many times can you watch Oprah? There is a solution, and it is called the Amazon "Kindle". This is a great device that doesn't take up much room, can hold over 1,500 books, can download them anywhere in the world (almost) and is a great accessory for pilots. Below is a short video showing how this device works and its features: (ps - the price is lower now!)
You can get your very own Kindle right here:
Stop being bored on those layovers, get a Kindle and start reading! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 A recession is when you have to tighten your belt; depression is when you have no belt to tighten. When you've lost your trousers - you're in the aviation business!

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