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A Son Passes Through

by John M. White |

As most of you know one of my sons is what they call a "roadie" for Air Transport International, and he travels all over the world on the company's DC-8 aircraft.  He works a 20 day on 10 day off schedule, so we don't get to see him as much as we would like. Well, ATI is providing additional lift capacity for UPS and last night he arrived at the Capital City Airport in Lansing, MI right on schedule at 9:30pm.  After they taxied to the UPS ramp and soon he sauntered over to say hello to his mother and I.  What a great treat to see him in his "office", a picture of which is attached at the right. As an aviation family we are proud to see one of our progeny succeed in a business which is under attack from all quarters today, and doing well and going strong! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7


Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace. The soul that knows it not Knows no release from little things: Knows not the livid loneliness of fear, Nor mountain heights where bitter joy can hear The sound of wings. How can life grant us boon of living, compensate For dull gray ugliness and pregnant hate Unless we dare The soul's dominion? Each time we make a choice, we pay With courage to behold the restless day, And count it fair.


— Amelia Earhar


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