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The 3 Best Ways To Deal With Airport Noise Pollution

by John White |

Commercial Jet Aircraft And Airport Noise Airport noise has been a problem for both residents and aircraft operators at airports around the country with high level of jet aircraft activity. The debate over airport noise - and how to eliminate or reduce it - has been the subject of considerable controversy pitting aircraft owners and operators against nearby residents. As a long time pilot who has seen the increase in commercial jet aircraft traffic increase from none to heavy airport use I find the issue somewhat baffling. Most modern airports are built out in the middle of nowhere, but over time housing creeps closer and closer to the airports bringing with it complaints from residents.

What Are The Health Risks Of Airport Noise And Pollution?

A 1977 study which involved residents near a major airport and residents in a quiet rural setting showed a significant difference in the health of the residents. Two thirds (2/3) of those residing near the airport reported problems sleeping, interference with daily activities and that they were bothered by aircraft noise. A number of later studies found a relationship between living near an airport and heart problems, both in adults and in children. An article titled "What are the Health Effects of Airport Noise and Airport Pollution?" detailed more data about the effects of living near a busy airport.

The # Best Ways To Deal With Airport Noise Pollution

  1. Improve the design of planes so that they make less noise when circling, taxiing, landing, and (most important) when taking off;
  2. Alter airport operations by reorienting the paths that planes take, changing schedules, and implementing measures as drastic as a nightly plane curfew;
  3. Shield and mask the effects from nearby residents through barriers and insulation.

NIMBY Airways Has Found A 4th Solution!

How To Solve Airport Noise Problems For Local Residents Of course this may involve some rethinking of airlines and retraining of passengers, but it could solve the problem and provide some additional thrills riding on airliners at the same time!

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