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All Things Aviation Comments Policy

by John M. White |

First, I really enjoy getting comments, even comments from readers who disagree with me. In fact, I love comments on this blog. Comments are as important as anything I have to say, and they are welcome at any time. Some comments, however, are not useful at all, and in some cases are simply self serving and irrelevant comments with links to often crude websites. I really am totally fine with most comments - however I would like to let the readers of this blog understand where I stand with respect to comments:
  1. I love comments on this blog - the add to the knowledge and community of aviation, and help continue the conversation on subjects we are all interested in. If you feel like offering a comment, please do - it will be welcome here. It does not matter whether you are a student pilot, or just like aviation, comment away!
  2. I hate spam - I use spam filters to catch most spam, and I require everyone to let me review their comments before they are posted, but rest assured anything less than spam will get posted.'li>
  3. Links in comments are fine - if you want to comment on one of my blog posts and want to place a link to your website or another quality website, go right ahead. This adds to the conversation and improves the quality of this blog.
  4. Irrelevant links are discouraged - if you are not interested in aviation and are just looking for links to help your own non-aviation project, please don't leave them. We are looking to expand the conversation about aviation, not other subjects.
  5. I welcome signatures in comments - feel free to include signatures as long as the comments you left are relevant and add something to the conversation.
My advice to you on commenting on blogs (not just mine) is to understand that you are a guest, a visitor to someone else's home, when you leave a comment. Comments can build up or tear down your own reputation as they are a permanent part of the record of who you are and what you stand for. Please take care, be gracious and make sure your comments add value so that we all benefit.

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