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And So It Begins: AirVenture 2008

by John M. White |

At 7:00am this morning AirVenture 2008 opens its gates and the fun begins.  Sunday was the mass arrival of the Commanches in the morning, followed by the F/A 18 Hornets arrival and the mass RV aircraft mass arrival as well.  Monday is a busy day.

For today the excitement includes the aerobatic Red Bull Helicopter, the Nanching C-6 mass flyover, and the arrival of the Osprey V-22.  A lot of the excitement centers around AeroShell Square where displays of the latest and greatest aircraft are.  As you tour the grounds you can take a stroll over to the museum and experience aviation history as you see aircraft from the early days of aviation through the first civilian financed adventure into sub-orbital space.

After the museum take a walk over to Pioneer Airport where aircraft still fly off of the green grass and the nostalgia of the early days of aviation fill the air.  Wander through the hangars and see the humble beginnings of aviation where the real pioneers of aviation spent endless hours dreaming of aircraft that would fly higher, faster and farther.

You will see World War II aircraft ranging from Japanese Zeros to P-51s and B-17s.  Check out the Ford Tri-Motor and the DC-3's, and even the F-22 Raptor fighter which can fly in ways never before achievable in flight. 

If you like aviation then you have to go to AirVenture at least once in your life and experience why we all love aviation so much.  Everywhere I have gone in the world I have encountered fellow pilots, and we are always able to visit and talk just like we were old friends even though we just met.

I remember when I flew for a living I could be on the West Coast and run into a friend, only to return to Michigan and run into another pilot who already knew what the first friend and I had talked about!  The aviation community is really small and close knit. Dreamlifter_300

I will try and keep you up to date on the latest at AirVenture this week. In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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