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And The Flying Cars Just Keep Coming!

by John M. White |

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly practical flying car to go along with your wife's Honda Prius hybrid then here is just the thing for you!  The SkyCar has been made possible by combining the latest technology in parafoil design combined with a steel framed chassis and can take off in less than 600 feet. Dunecar

With no pitch control it is impossible to stall or dive, and if the engine fails you simply glide down to the nearest field or strip of sandy desert.  Oh yes, this SkyCar is a dunebuggy with a pusher engine resembling an airboat attached to it and suspended under a ram air wing.  And also if the wing fails, the car connection system fails or a mid-air collision simply deploy the emergency ballistic reserve parachute. 

You can change from road mode to flying mode and back again in less than 3 minutes, and to prove the practicality of the design the team will fly the vehicle from London, Englad to Tombouctou in the Sahara desert in the spring of 2009.  I can hardly wait for the first one to be delivered here in Michigan along with windshield wipers and deicing fluid.  Oops, sorry, no windshield!

Oh well, if you would like to learn more go to the ParaJet Sky Car website.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


And now 'tis man who dares assault the sky . . .
And as we come to claim our promised place,
Aim only to repay the good you gave,
And warm with human love the chill of space.


— Prof. Thomas G. Bergin, Yale University, 'Space Prober.' This was the first poem to be launched into orbit about the Earth. It was inscribed on the instrument panel of a satellite called Traac launched from Cape Kennedy on November 15, 1961



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