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Are Our Airlines Safe?

by John M. White |

There is an email circulating where a supposed Israili Agent named Juval Aviv discusses the state of U.S. airport security, and the odds of additional attacks on U.S. airliners. While the email contains a lot of information, a lot of which can not be confirmed, the interesting comments I found interesting were about airport security in the United States today.


It is alleged by Juval Aviv that the U.S. Government's approach to the problem of terrorism is reactionary rather than proactive. In other words, the government puts systems in place to prevent future occurrences of events which have already taken place as opposed to thinking outside the box and coming up with solutions to prevent terrorist acts which may occur in the future!
This part of the email I certainly agree with. Because we refuse to profile, or even use common sense in who we look closer at, we have our eyes focused on what is politically correct instead of what makes good common sense. But, that shouldn't surprise us - given the lack of common sense by our governmental leaders today!Scotland Airport Attack


Each time we put an event behind us for a few days we seem to forget about and discount it, yet our enemies are not fewer or less motivated than before. We have a President who claims not to be an ideologue, while acting precisely as we would expect one to behave. The President's Chief of Staff and his Attorney General can't even agree how to handle the terrorists we have already captured, let alone spend any time figuring out how to better protect Americans.


I can agree that we have a great justice system that works pretty well, but why do we avail this same system to those who seek to destroy us? Somewhere along the way we seem to have lost our common sense, the same common sense that lead us to victory over another despot - Hitler. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

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