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Best Tricks Tips and Sites for Self Briefing

by John White |

Self Briefing Tips and Tricks for PilotsIn this FREE webinar you will learn some best practices for self briefing for your next flight. This 90 minute webinar will help you hone your skills when you receive a self briefing before your next flight, and upgrade your skills to make sure each flight you take will be safer.

Self Briefing Webinar

On Monday, April 4, 2016 at 18:30 CST be sure and join this FREE WEBINAR by the Van Nuys, CA FAASTeam where you will explore all of the best tricks, tips and websites available to you when taking a self briefing before your flight. Delia Colvin, an aviation weather expert and best selling author will walk you through her favorite websites and talk about her favorite tools for conducting a SAFE self briefing. Some of what will be covered is:
  • Learn the 8 MUST CHECK points for any self briefing;
  • What extremely hazardous weather pilots don't qualify as an "Adverse Condition";
  • 4 features of the 1800wxbrief you may not be aware of;
  • The proposed replacement for the Area Forecast;
  • The best forecast tool available today;
  • Fantastic NEW tools that could safe YOUR life!;
  • Tips for assessing unforecast sever weather.

Self Briefing Presenter

Delia Colvin is a 15 year veteran of Air Traffic Control and Flight Service and the author of the Aviation Weather Made Easy series. She was Flight Watch qualified and has investigated the cause of many aircraft incidents/accidents in a professional capacity with Quality Assurance, as well as conducting countless Operation Take-offs for pilots around the country.

Additional Training Suggestion

Pilot airspace deviations continue to be a major risk in the national airspace system. To reduce the chance that you might be involved in an airspace deviation incident, you are highly encouraged to take an on-line learning center course on Or search the learning library for associated guidance on airspace incursions. Remember, safe and prudent airmen have superior situational awareness, and have a plan to keep it that way. If you found this article interesting sign up for The All Things Aviation Weekly newsletter below:
Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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