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"Brother Can You Spare A Cessna 400?"

by John M. White |

Aha, bizjet manufacturer Cessna has finally caught up with the automotive industry and is offering incentives for their customers.  Order your Cessna Mustang today and get a Cessna 400 tomorrow.  That way, after you plunk down your substantial deposit you get more than just a piece of paper; instead, you get a real live airplane! Cessna400

Cessna says that the Cessna 400 is the fastest fixed gear single engine aircraft on the market today, and Cessna claims that it is the "natural stepping stone" into the Mustang very light jet.  Very interesting!!!  Jump out of your fixed gear Cessna 400 into your very own private very light jet Mustang and you are good to go!  Right!!!

The Cessna 400 is the formerly known Columbia 300 which was the follow on to the Lancair ES kit aircraft.  While this is an interesting aircraft, and perhaps I am just an old codger of a pilot, but to flit from a fixed-gear piston single to a twin engine retractible gear jet is more than a small leap of faith!  I guess Cessna has hired itself some really cool advertising types!

Not only can you get your very own single to prepare yourself for your jet, but if you refer one of your friends to Cessna to purchase a Mustang you will get a $ 10,000 finders fee!  Wow, just think about all of you Student Pilots out there that can order a Mustang, get your own Cessna 400 to learn to fly in, and be good-to-go in your very own jet shortly!  Just makes you want to climb on out to 41k and listen to all the juvenile chatter, doesn't it?

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


The earth is a depot where wingless angels pass the time,
Waiting for the long journey home
Seeing a small boy, smiling in the corner, I ask him ;
‘You must be anxious to get home ?’
‘I am home’ he replied ‘ I just come here to play the games’

                                                             — Oliver Makin

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