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by John M. White |

In a world of economic malaise, if not depression, combined with a Congress and President who seem to think there is no end to the money they have to spend, some companies are fighting back. Individualism made this country great, not a "village." We one our independence from England with individuals who stood up against excessive taxation and government regulation. Some in our country believe that everyone should not just be given equal access, but equal results as well. Their crushing criticism of corporate aviation, painting the use of corporate aircraft as "fat cats" spending excessive profits taken from the backs of the workers has lead to some companies being embarrassed by their use of an effective business tool like a business jet.
Thank heaven for some companies like the Cessna Aircraft Company. Instead of running for cover and hiding, they are out front with their "RISE" promotion to combat this negative view of corporate aviation. A recent advertisement by Cessna stated that "Business Aviation Will Help Companies Not Only Survive But Prosper During The Current Financial Crisis." Cessna goes on to say "To be your most productive, and your most efficient, you must keep flying. Because in so doing, you will emerge from these times even stronger than before. And you will replace the uncertainty that surrounds many, with the confidence and courage to light the way for all." I urge you to visit watch the first video in the CessnaRise series below: You will not only be more educated about the contribution business aviation makes to our economy, but uplifted by a positive, compelling and realistic portrayal of the role of general aviation in our economy. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 Never fly anything that doesn't have the paint worn off the rudder Pedals. — Harry Bill

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