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Cessna Skycatcher Delivery Delay

by John M. White |

It was announced by Cessna earlier this month that deliveries of its new light sport Skycatcher aircraft will be delayed by some 6 to 10 months. This situation comes as a retooling of the production line in Shenyang, China to take care of an aggressive spin characteristic of the new aircraft. During flight testing of the new aircraft there were 2 spin accidents which necessitated changes in the design of the aircraft. Travel of the control surfaces has been reduced, the size of the rudder has been increased and a small aerodynamic ventral fin has been added to the airframe to correct the spin problem.
As a result Cessna can not determine how many Skycatchers will be delivered in 2010. Some customers who expected their aircraft this year will be disappointed as deliveries are slipped into 2011. However, the first Skycatcher was delivered to Rose Pelton, wife of the Cessna CEO Jack Pelton, who is learning to fly. Cessna Skycatcher Deliveries Delayed The 2 seat Light Sport Aircraft high wing piston powered single engine aircraft with a gross weight of 1,320 pounds and a top speed under 120 knots. The aircraft was introduced in 2007 in an effort to stimulate the public to learn to fly and train pilots. With more than 1,000 orders for the aircraft at a retail price of $112,250 Cessna decided to produce the aircraft in China so that it could be sold at a competitive price. The problem arose when two test aircraft crashed after aggressive spins were initiated and could not be recovered from. In the meantime aircraft from the production line are being shipped to Yingling Aircraft in Wichita where modifications will be made to them before delivery to customers. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 Rule one: No matter what else happens, fly the airplane.

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