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Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course

by John M. White |

In case you missed the announcement at AriVentrue 2009, Cessna Aircraft has created a unique training program geared toward the expected increase in training with the arrival of the new Cessna 162 SkyCatcher aircraft. Private Pilot Training Machine The flight training program is designed to seamlessly integrate the Sport and Private Pilot certification process, making learning to fly easier and more fun than current training systems. Whether the license applicant is after a Sport Pilot or Private Pilot license both will have full access to the complete proprietary web-based training system. A Cessna spokesman stated that it is the goal of Cessna to provide its customers with a complete education as they pursue their pilot's license. Another innovation to the program is that the flight instructor can modify the program to integrate with the local training environment without compromising the integrity of the flight training system. There are more than 280 Cessna Pilot Centers around the United States and the world which offer many services including instruction for pilot licenses. Cessna believes that a safe pilot is a well-trained pilot, and to that end is committed to providing the most up to date and modern training available anywhere in the industry. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

I'm Douglas Corrigan. Just got in from New York, where am I? . . . I intended to fly to California.

— 'Wrong Way' Corrigan , upon arrival in Ireland after his un-approved solo transatlantic flight. He maintained he had 'compass troubles.

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