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Change Is In The Air

by John M. White |

Well, interesting days are ahead of us now.  Both Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft are acknowledging what we all knew all along - the economy is weakening, and both companies are recognizing that fact.  Cessna has lowered sales expectations for it's venerable Citation line of jet aircraft, while Hawker Beechcraft is reducing it's workforce by some 500 employees. Boeing787

At the same time Boeing announced that the first flight of it's 787 "Dreamliner" has been delayed until after the first of the year due to the recent mechanic's strike at it's plants.  In Brazil Embraer is looking to move into production of aircraft larger than 120 seats as it eyes the China market for it's products. 

And as China emerges as a major player in the regional jet market General Electric's aircraft leasing arm committed to purchasing five of the Chinese built ARJ21 70 to 90 seat regional jets, with options for another 20 aircraft.  With some 50 new airports expected to be built in China over the next five years GE sees a growing market for regional jets in that country.

To add to domestic general aviation woes the TSA continues it's march to control access to not only bizjet's weighing over 12,500 pounds, but to require some 300 general aviation airports to adopt airline-style security measures.  This means that the traditional advantage of corporate aviation over airline travel is being marginalized, and in time may further erode the benefit's of owning a corporate flight department.

Now with President-elect Obama and a Democrat controlled government Big Brother is surely on it's way to an airport near year.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


I am the eagle, I live in high country,
In rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky,
I am the hawk and there's blood on my feathers,
But time is still turning, they soon will be dry,
And all those who see me, and all who believe in me,
Share in the freedom I feel when I fly!

Come dance with the west wind,
And touch all the mountain tops,
Sail o'er the canyons, and up to the stars,
And reach for the heavens, and hope for the future,
And all that we can be, not what we are.

by John Denver

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