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Checked Bags, Carousels and Crooks

by John M. White |  | 1 comment

I must confess that my wife has been on my case for some time about checked baggage on the airlines. While I have not experienced any losses (that I am aware of) my wife has complained that items have gone missing in her bags.Checked Bags, Carousels and Crooks We all seem to assume that everyone is as honest as we are, and put a lot of trust into government employees to do the right thing all the time. My experience with state employees here in Michigan has been a real eye-opener for me – talk about incompetence and blindness! Today I ran across an interesting article in “This week’s Middle Seat” dealing with this problem, and I confess I was shocked! While reading about some of the items lost didn’t ring any alarm bells, the following revelation certainly got my attention: In the article the author states “TSA has reduced baggage theft as it has moved from opening bags and searching by hand to running them through scanning machines on conveyor belts, limiting the number of bags handled by screeners. The agency says it has also added more surveillance cameras to baggage-screening areas. A total of 330 TSA officers have been fired for theft since the agency's inception, a spokeswoman said.” 330 TSA officers fired for theft? My word, dishonesty must be rampant at the agency because anyone can figure out that for every crook you catch there are at least 2 more! Then consider the baggage handlers, and their employers. The airlines hide behind their “contract of carriage” policy on their tickets. Apparently the preferred way to deal with a disgruntled passenger is to give them a $ 100 travel voucher to ride on the airline again! Right! Apparently baggage handlers go through the bags while loading them in the belly of the airplane while the passenger sits just above them. They switch destination tags to lose bags, and even target the duffel bags of soldier heading off to war! Doesn’t make you want to check any bags on the airlines, does it? How about you? Care to share some of your own experiences? If so, just post a comment – we are all interested! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

Comments (1)

  • Patrick Flannigan on June 24, 2019

    I’ve never had any of my luggage stolen. The reason? I never check my bags. I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of allowing hundreds of passengers to mull over my unattended bag in a public carousel. It just takes one dishonest person to snatch a bag and walk out the door. Who would even suspect him/her?

    Travel light and keep your things together.

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