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China and the Moon

by John M. White |

Today China crash landed a satellite on the surface of the moon, the first step towards a manned landing on the moon by Chinese Astronauts in 2012.  After the U.S. landed on the moon we decided to stay in earth orbit, and - hard to believe - it has been 35 years since we were last on the moon. What ever happened to American ingenuity and our constant push to advance our frontiers?  It seems we have lost our way, and no longer are willing to make serious commitments or take on large challenges any more. And this seems to be affecting our passion for flying airplanes.  Student starts are measured by the FAA by looking at the number of 3rd class physicals issued with a Student Pilot license attached.  According to FAA records on its web site, Student Pilot licenses in 2007 were 84,339, the latest date for which records are available.  You can bet they are lower now! And with Congress criticizing the use of business aircraft and making it a requirement to rid companies taking TARP money of their aircraft, aviation continues to backslide right along with the rest of the economy.  It seems to me that we need to reintroduce positive thinking now more than ever. What do you think? Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

Tower: Have a good trip. Pilot: Make that a round trip . . .

— Lloyd Lace, USAAF, 1944. Said before departing on C-46 missions, flying over 'The Hump' (China - Burma - India).

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