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Coast To Coast In Under An Hour

by John White |  | 1 comment

X51A Scramjet Aircraft Tired of those cramped airline seats for that long trip from New York to Los Angeles that never seems to end? Check in two hours before your scheduled departure time in order to get your baggage checked in and through security lines with enough time for a cup of coffee and a trip to the bathroom. Been there, done that. Then there is the 4+ hour flight followed by the better part of another hour to get your bags and head to your destination. Another 8 hour day down the drain!

Return To The Good Old Days!

It used to be that you could catch an early morning flight from New York to the West Coast and return on the "red eye" with a day's work behind you, but not any more. Well, Boeing is working on part of the solution with new technology that promises to bring a world close to "warp speed" travel. Imagine flying coast to coast in under an hour of flight time!

Meet The Boeing X51A Test Vehicle

It doesn't look like much just yet but watch this video and see a glimpse of the future of flight:  

Anatomy Of A Scramjet

Here is how the vehicle works to go so fast: The Anatomy Of The X51A Scramjet

What Else Needs To Be Done?

TSA Badge Building machines is something engineers do very well, but what we also need to do is figure out how to engineer some common sense solutions to the security line dance. The advent of the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) has set air travel back to the predawn of the jet age, and isn't get much better with time. Perhaps when Congress decides to stop interfering with our lives, gets out of our way and allows some common sense to work we can eliminate all of these time and money consuming governmental agencies and let some non-government common sense business folks figure out how to do airline transportation better! Wouldn't that blow your mind?

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Comments (1)

  • M.O. Seymour on June 24, 2019

    Common sense is the most uncommon commodity in today’s world, especially at the federal government level. Last I heard there were 13 federal agencies slurping up our taxpayer dollars in the name of “Security”.
    As for horrors being perpetuated, one of the biggest is the assault on individual freedom of movement. For us airplane people, that is expressed in the un-obvious, but continuing, attitude that it’s okay to own a boat but not okay to own an airplane. Use of Air Force One as a campaigning tool is okay but for corporations and individuals to use privately paid for aircraft to promote economic interests and for recreation, is on the condemned list. And if you don’t believe that, you haven’t been paying attention.

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