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Display Model Airplanes

by John M. White |

In 2002 Hayneedle, Inc. was founded by Doug Nielsen, Mark Hasebrock and Julie Mahloch when they acquired and began selling hammocks online. Seeing the potential of developing websites devoted to specific products, they began launching more sites in specific niches. They then became NetShops and continued to grow, finally in August of 2009 they designed a template for easy-to-navigate website called, and included over 220 stores each devoted to a single category of products. Unlike brick and motor stores, Hayneedle is not limited and has virtually endless space, allowing their buyers to search the globe for the finest selections, best values and unparalleled choices in products. is one of these stores, and here you can find a wide variety of model airplanes suitable for any taste. Whether you are searching for top-quality hand-carved replicas of airplanes, or incredibly detailed aluminum and fabric covered models, you are sure to find the model you are looking for at a great price.

Military Airplanes

USAF F-16 Thunderbird Model AirplaneYou can choose from a wide variety of military airplanes from World War I aircraft to today’s modern aircraft. Whether you are interested in World War II piston powered fighters or the military jets of today, you are sure to find the model you want at a great price! Search through the extensive list of historical military aircraft, from World War I trainers to today's modern heavy lift cargo planes. Whether you are looking for an early experimental aircraft or a supersonic war bird, there are models for every interest. With the huge advances of aircraft from the previous world war, these planes saw innovations in speed, agility, firepower, fuselage design, and armament in planes such as the F4U-4 Corsair, the A6M2 Zero, the Spitfire, and the P-38 Lightning. These graceful birds make a stunning showcase in any setting. Choose a model of the USAF Thunderbirds latest ride, or the Blue Angels sleek aircraft, or perhaps a model of the B-24 or B-17 you or your father flew in the Great War. Whatever military airplane it is you love and admire, you can find it here.

Private Aircraft

Corporate Lear 35A Model Airplane Fly a private airplane of your own, or for a company? You can find a huge selection of aircraft models ranging from a small Cessna 172 to a corporate Gulfstream IV, and everything in between. Beautifully detailed and crafted, these desk top models will liven up any desk or display case. From puddle jumper bush planes to flying racers to single engine airplanes and the latest corporate aircraft, you can display a version of your very own airplane with a high quality replica. The Piper Cub, DeHavilland Beaver, and the Cessna Skylane were all versatile aircraft that were used in many countries for both work and play. Small trainers taught budding pilots, while floatplanes were crafted to go where no other travel means could access. Racers such as the Gee-Bee and the Meteor, secured stunning wins in international air races, while other famous planes like the Spirit of St. Louis made historical journeys. The wide variety and exquisite detail of our private model airplane catalog will enhance the look of any personal aviation collection. From corporate travel to VIP jet setting, personal aircraft have increased in both design and popularity over the years. Stunning advances in aviation technology have yielded aircraft that are sleek, fast, and luxurious. Names like Gulfstream and Learjet have taken corporate travel to new altitudes providing clientele with comfortable efficiency and making global destinations a common part of corporate operations. Innovative designs such as the Beech 2000 Starship are taking personal travel into a new age of aviation history. Our private model airplanes showcase these designs and offer them for display in your home or office collection.

Commercial Airliners

American Boeing 767 Model Airplane Looking for a model of an aircraft flown by your favorite airline? We have what you want right here. Whether it is a modern-day Boeing 767 or an early Boeing 727, you can find the aircraft model you want in the livery colors of your favorite airline! From the Ford Tri-motor to the famous DC-3, these classic aircraft paved the way for commercial flight. Enjoy the "Tin Goose", or the Boeing 737, each model featuring an aircraft that has its own unique story and contribution to aviation history. Versatile planes that could take off and land on water were known as "Flying Boats." These stunning aircraft make beautiful model airplanes for your collection, including the B-314 Dixie Clipper, one of the most luxurious aircraft of it's time, and the German made DO-X Seaplane, which was the largest aircraft in the world at the time of its design. As aviation technology advanced, the ability for transcontinental flight opened new doors for travel and transportation of goods. From commercial to military applications, larger planes were crafted to move personnel and equipment. Everything from the old Ford Tri-motor to the new Fed Ex and UPS shipping airliners, these planes helped shape the way the world traveled. From the turbo assisted prop driven aircraft to full jet powered commercial airliners, travel around the globe made travel, transport, and even military applications a viable resource for many countries. You can showcase some of these jets with quality model airplanes like the Air Force One Boeing 707, Boeing 747, and even the Concorde, or personal corporate jets. Fast. That was the motivation for companies to create an intercontinental aircraft that could fly at supersonic speeds. The result was a beautiful aircraft known as the Concorde, which could travel faster than the speed of sound. Enhance your collection with model airplanes of the British and France Concorde replicas.

Authentic Model Airplanes

Curtiss Jenny JN-4 Airplane Model If you are looking for something truly amazing, then consider one of these beautiful Authentic Model airplanes. Made of wood covered with fabric and trimmed with metal, these vintage model airplanes are truly collector pieces. Grab your very own piece of history and you will have a conversation piece sure to delight any aviation buff! Capture the brilliance of historic WWI era flight with the Authentic Models Red Jenny Airplane. This intense red biplane is constructed from nylon stretched over a wooden frame and has aluminum over the fuselage area. This detailed miniature replica captures the nostalgia of Army spirit and craftsmanship. Ships fully assembled. Marvel at the incredible design of old fighter planes with the Authentic Models Transparent Sopwith Camel Airplane. The lightweight wooden frame is covered by transparent fabric so you can see and scrutinize the detailed construction inside. Responsible for more aerial victories than any other Allied airplane during the war, this single seat biplane was also credited with almost 400 deaths from non-combat related causes due to its small 28 feet wingspan. Called the "camel" because of the humped fairing over the twin machine guns, pilots had to master the tricks of flying this difficult airplane in order to harness its agility and accuracy. One of the most famous planes used in WWI, the camel was an incredible example of innovative craftsmanship that you can enjoy in this authentic replica. Some minor assembly is required.


USMC Helicopter Model Helicopters have long fascinated us with their incredible ability to lift straight off up into the air, and then transition to travel cross country. With both military and civilian uses, helicopters have become an important part of our lives. Rescue helicopters sweep victims of a disaster to safety while military helicopters transport troops into battle and corporate helicopters wisk important business people to their offices and meetings. No matter what walk of life you are in, you no doubt have seen the incredible usefulness of these helicopters in our everyday lives.

Space Craft

The U.S. Space Shuttle Orbiter is incapable of in-atmosphere flight on its own, and is simply too large to transport on land, so a pair of Boeing 747s have been extensively reworked and modified to carry Shuttles from their landing site back to the Kennedy Space Center. The 747s were chosen for modification for a number of reasons, including the fact that a civilian model aircraft would allow NASA to own the transports rather than lease them from the U.S. Air Force. Model of Boeing 747 with Space Shuttle In the initial years of operation, during the Space Shuttle's testing, the first shuttle ferry still bore the American Airlines paint scheme that the aircraft was originally intended to operate with. NASA eventually replaced the coloration in the 1980s, and this is how the aircraft is modeled here, in a precisely detailed reproduction of NASA's own paint-scheme. This high-quality model of a very unique aircraft will make a prized part of any collection. If you have your eyes on adventure, a model of the Space Shuttle atop a Boeing 747 will absolutely delight and amaze you. With incredible detail and real-life markings, these space craft models will turn your head and thoughts to planets far away! Be sure and take some time to browse through these models as we are sure you will find just what you are looking for. We have many of these models in display cases in our home, and we urge you to start or add to your very own collection today! You will be glad you did!

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