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Duct Tape - A Pilot's Best Friend

by John M. White |

A Pilot Essential – Duct Tape What do you do when a bear attacks your airplane, rips the fabric off of the frame, flattens the tires and leaves you stuck in the wilds of Alaska? First, call another pilot to bring you some supplies, namely two new tires, some duct tape and plastic sheeting. Then, apply the sheeting to the airframe, secure with duct tape, replace flat tires and fly the aircraft home. At least that is what this pilot did. My only question is – what did the FAA think about this “repair” when the pilot returned to his home base? Or, better yet, did the pilot even report this “event”? All good questions, eh? Well, see the following photographs to see how well this project worked: Damaged Aircraft Bear + Airplane = Disaster! Duct Taped Airplane Airplane + Duct Tape = Homeward Bound So, the next time you are flying into some remote area, or even into an area with lots of deer, be sure and pack your duct tape! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

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