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Eclipse E500 Very Light Jet Company Collapse Imminent?

by John M. White |

Eclipse Aviation continues to be hammered by bad publicity and plagued by problems after the House Aviation Committee hearing on the certification of the aircraft and the announcement on Friday by DayJet that it has ceased all commercial operations as of September 19th. 800pxeclipse500

DayJet claims that Eclipse Aviation's failure to repair technical discrepancies and to install missing equipment and functionality has led to the demise of Eclipse's largest customer.  A press release by Eclipse states that it still has hundreds of its aircraft and that deliveries for those customers will move up accordingly.

Further, a spokesman for Eclipse states that DayJet "was able to fulfill the demonstrated growing demand for this new market," but was "unable to raise the capital it required to continue its operations." Both companies added that the current state of U.S. capital markets has added to the problem, and has been a negative factor for the DayJet business model.


Eclipse Aviation has been struggling with high costs and tight credit, said Tuesday that it would begin manufacturing in Russia. The company, based in Albuquerque, said it would receive $205 million in financing from the Russian state bank Vnesheconombank. The bank’s supervisory board is headed by the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin.

The FAA has said the Eclipse is a safe aircraft to fly despite reported problems resulting in an emergency landing in Chicago earlier this year.  The FAA has been under fire for the way it certified the aircraft.

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