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First Podcast Interview

by John M. White |

Today I was able to conduct my first podcast interview with a former B-24 pilot and it went very well. His name is Milton Erdmann, and he had a very interesting story to tell. However, there are a few things I need to do before I can publish the podcast, including finishing work on the Intro and Outro segments, editing the audio and putting it all together. It is amazing to me that so many young men went to war in World War II, flew large multi-engine bombers with very little flying time, and many came home safe and sound. While Milton does not remember precisely how many hours he accumulated, he believes it was between 700 and 800 hours by the time he finished his flying career in the Army Air Corp. He flew the Beech AT-10 for his multi-engine training, an aircraft many of us will recognize. Beech AT-10 Imagine what the FAA would think about approving a 22 year old person flying a 4 engine aircraft with less than 1,000 hours! What is interesting, though, was how thourougly they were trained and the methodolgy used to train them. Today most pilots start out with not nearly as structured a program, but of course students don't normally get to fly several hours a day for weeks on end to gain experience. As I mentioned earlier I will be uploading a new version of this website by the first part of next week, probably by Tuesday night, and I think you will like the new look. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

War is a nasty, dirty, rotten business. It's all right for the Navy to blockade a city, to starve the inhabitants to death. But there is something wrong, not nice, about bombing that city.

— Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris.

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