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Fly By Wireless - Beyond Fly By Wire

by John M. White |

Aviation has always been one of the leaders in technological innovation, and it continues to advance control systems technology today.  In modern aircraft such as the Boeing 777 fiber optic cables are used in place of wire to carry signals from the cockpit to the various operational parts of the aircraft.

Well, fly by wireless technology may be just around the corner.  As the aviation world tries to figure out ways to reduce weight and make aircraft more "eco-friendly" experiments have begun with wireless technology.  In Portugal experiments have been conducted with partly wireless pilotless aircraft have shown that the technology not only works, but provides even better and more precise control than conventional "pully and cable" wire systems. Gulfstream-550G

Recently two companies, Gulfstream and Bombardier, began testing some wireless components themselves.  Gulfstream outfitted a GV with wireless primary aircraft control system equipment leading Gulfstream to predict that "fly by wireless" technology could soon be used as a backup for other flight control systems providing significant weight loss and reduced system complexity.

Bombardier, on the other hand, tested wireless control of a braking system called "EBrake" which couples brake by wire control with electric brak actuation removing hydraulic fluid from the system.  The recent test showed improved control in normal and emergency braking modes.Electricbrakes

Aircraft manufacturers continue to push the envelope and find innovative new ways to improve aircraft control and safety while moving their products towards a more environmentally friendly state.  And yesterday there was an announcement of more investment in algae technology research to find yet another substitute for fossil fuels for aviation.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


I am the eagle, I live in high country,
In rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky,
I am the hawk and there's blood on my feathers,
But time is still turning, they soon will be dry,
And all those who see me, and all who believe in me,
Share in the freedom I feel when I fly!

Come dance with the west wind,
And touch all the mountain tops,
Sail o'er the canyons, and up to the stars,
And reach for the heavens, and hope for the future,
And all that we can be, not what we are.

by John Denver

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