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Frozen Speed Sensors Cause Of Air France Accident?

by John M. White |

While the Brazilian authorities are recovering bodies from the Atlantic Ocean, Airbus, the manufacturer of the doomed aircraft has issued a warning about frozen speed sensors raising speculation that overspeed could have contributed to this crash. The maker of an Air France jetliner that crashed Monday into the Atlantic Ocean issued a notice to pilots worldwide reminding them what to do when speed indicators give conflicting readouts, Agence France-Presse reported Friday. Airbus's warning implied that speed monitors may have failed during the Airbus A330's flight, offering one of the clearest indications to date of what may have caused the airplane to plunge into the ocean, AFP said. It turns out that Airbus had been replacing the speed sensors on its fleet, but that Air France was slower than most because of a disagreement with test flights after the changeout. Air France had begun changing them some five weeks before this accident.  There is suspecion that the accident aircraft may have relied upon faulty indicators and set the aircraft at a dangerous speed, contributing to the accident. There is a lot of search activity, including a nuclear submarine, in the hopes of recovering the black boxes to obtain more clues as to the cause of this accident. a330Just prior to the accident a burst of messages were sent from the aircraft detailing a number of failures, including electrical problems and the loss of cabin pressure. Combined with wicked weather in that are the night of the accident the elements combined to bring down another aircraft, reminding us all of the danger of flying airplanes. As pilots we need to be ever vigilant, and take every precaution to protect our passengers first, the aircraft second. It appears to me that this professional crew was overwhelmed with failures and no doubt tried as best they could to avoid this disaster. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 Speed is life, altitude is life insurance.

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