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General Aviation Alphabet Groups Watch Obama's Choices

by John M. White |

As President-elect Obama continues to introduce his cabinet and key appointments to the public those of us in general aviation continue to watch and wait.  Of course one of the most important issues we are facing is the prospect of "User Fees" which could have a huge impact on us.

The nomination of Ray LaHood, currently a member of the House Appropriations Committee, to serve as Secretary of Transportation has been received with positive remarks by general aviation groups.  The House Appropriations Committee has opposed user fees, and that should be helpful to general aviation when the issue comes up again. 

Beyond that all of us are watching the terrible winter weather sweeping across the nation many piston aircraft owners are plugging in their Tanis engine preheat systems to warm up those engines and oil tanks.  With temperatures dipping into single digits it is cold out there, so take care to make sure that engine is nice and warm, and that the aircraft airfoil and control surfaces are clean and dry before you take to the air.  It is a great time to fly when you can leave the snow behind and climb into that clear blue sky on a crisp winter day, so be careful out there. Tanis

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


Winter Flight

a bright sunny skies..cold temps
out in the trees i happen to spy...
this red cardinal in flight
white snow started to fall
brr..he looked so cold
so intense in his flight
as the bright moon came out..
you could see the bright cardinal ever so bright
his feathers ruffled
a sunny day as daylight came....

Patty Ann Fay

Copyright ©2008  Patty Ann Fay


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