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General Aviation Finds Some Friends

by John M. White |

It seems that at least some in Congress understand that business aviation is just not for "fat cats" who use bizjets for personal, fun and useless travel. A number of Senators, from both sides of the isle, have come out in support of General Aviation in general and business aviation in particular. After the shameful attack on the oldest flight department in the United States, General Motors flight department, some in Congress realize they may have gone too far. After all, some of the auto pioneers also worked to advance aviation. For example, Henry Ford got into the business of aircraft manufacturing with his Ford Tri-Motor, and the first paved airport in the country was built in Dearborn, MI by Ford. Corporate aviation is a tool, not a toy, just as Bill Lear opined when he built and sold his Learjets.
Senator Mike Johanns, R-Neb and Senator Mark Begich, D-Alaska, were chosen as co-chairmen of the new General Aviation Caucus to bring attention to the importance of General Aviation to commerce and economic development. Both noted that the industry employs several thousand people and provides necessary transportation for some of our most vital industries.Business Jet Interior They went on to state that small airports are the lifeblood of corporate aviation, and how important direct flights to airports in cities with businesses are for suppliers and manufacturers alike. The purpose of the caucus is to make sure that the interests of General Aviation are more than an afterthought in Congress as it considers legislation related to air transportation. What a breath of fresh air to see something positive about our industry from those in Washington, DC. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 The airport runway is the most important mainstreet in any town. — Norm Crabtree, former aviation director for the state of Ohio

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