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General Aviation Struggles While Airline Entertainment Gets Stranger!

by John M. White |

As Cessna sales continue to slump executives at the company remove orders for aircraft deliveries in 2012 and later in an effort to better reflect the actual anticipated sales. In the meantime sales of its popular Citation jet series fall some 42% and the companies used aircraft inventory value continues its decline. On the other hand Cessna has experienced an average of 3 sales of new Citations through the first five months of 2009, while new aircraft orders for June were seven. Company officials hope that this is the bottom of the market and that things are beginning to turn around. At the upper end of the spectrum Grumman continues to sell its large cabin jets with no slowdown while its mid-size business jets continue to decline in sales volume. I guess when you can afford a GIV you don't have any financial woes, as long as you don't need to borrow money from the government! Of more interest is the new in-flight entertainment special held on EgyptAir's flight 916 from Cairo to Abu Dahbi which caused near panic in the passenger cabin as a rather large lizard ran to and fro around the cabin. Airline officials think the wayward passenger escaped from its cage in baggage and decided to take a tour of the aircraft, much to the disdain of passengers. Lizard I wonder if the TSA checked him in? Hm..... Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 When asked by someone how much money flying takes: Why, all of it! — Gordon Baxter

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