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Happy Thanksgiving!

by John M. White |

Well, here we are on Thanksgiving doing, of all things, writing another blog post!  Must be nuts, eh?

Today there is really not a lot I would like to talk about except my special son, Chad.  Chad is an aircraft mechanic who works on DC-8 aircraft and has traveled around the world a number of times.  When he was young he would crawl into the back seat of the Piper Warrior I was teaching his mother to fly in and promptly go to sleep.

Well, he still crawls up into an airplane and goes to sleep as he works his way around the world keeping his DC-8 ready to go and on the road.  Whether it is horses to Europe or monkeys from Mauritius, Chad is there to make sure the aircraft is safe and can complete its mission safely. ATIDC8

Pilots always seem to get the glory and admiration of the passengers, but it is the aviation maintenance technicians (A&P's to us) that keep these birds in the air.  Imagine trying to land when the rollers won't come down, or an engine won't start or the fuel gauges don't work.  Enter Chad.  He climbs anywhere he is needed and fixes what needs to be fixed.

He called us this morning and the weather was 0/0 so he had to wait for the plane which landed in Harlingen, Tx. It is always great to hear from Chad. If you are lucky someday you might meet him too.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


Arguing with a pilot is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you begin to think the pig likes it.

— Seen on a General Dynamics bulletin board. It was Mark Twain who said, "Never try and teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time, and it annoys the pig."

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