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Hazardous Pay for Pilots Stolen by their Company?

by John M. White |

Vision Airlines collected over $ 21M for flying supplies to diplomats in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the pilots were supposed to collect federally subsidized pay for their services.  This amounted to some $ 5,000 per round trip and required the crews to observe special procedures at the airports in Kabul and Baghdad.Click on image to enlarge Aircraft were required to be flown without lighting of any kind, internal or external, with the exception of flight instrument lighting.  The aircraft were to fly in and out of the airports in a spiral pattern to remain within the most heavily guarded areas and avoid ground fire and missiles. It appears corporate greed did not leave it's practitioners on Wall Street because some have shown up in our world - aviation!  It is alleged that Vision Airline stopped paying the crews this federally funded hazardous duty pay and kept it for itself. A copy of the suit "Gerald Hester, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated, Plaintiff v. VISION AIRLINES, INC. Defendant" alleges that this money was improperly kept by the airline and not paid to the employees as required under Federal Law. It seems that greed has no boundaries, and continues to rear its ugly head all over our country, even affecting aviation.  Perhaps another opportunity for TARP funds, eh? Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

High-performance jet fighter, fully armed with missiles, guns. ECM equipment, fresh paint (stars and bars painted over), single seat, 97% reliability rate, will outclimb, outturn F-16, outrun F-14, low fuel burn (relatively), all digital avionics, radar, terrain following, INS, GPS, Tacan, used only for testing and sales promotion. Now in storage. Contact Northrop Corp. Will trade for Mig-25 and home address of Air Force Acquisition officer.

— ad found in 'Pacific Flyer' magazine, shortly after the F-20 program was cancelled.

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