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Helicopter Pilot Jobs

by John White |

One Of PDG Helicopter's Helicopters In FlightWith all the talk about a pilot shortage I thought I would offer some more suggestions on flying jobs, and in particular helicopter pilot jobs. While researching helicopter pilot jobs I came across yet another interesting way for companies to make money in aviation. Helicopters are among some of the more interesting aircraft to fly, and their versatility makes them truly unique in the aviation business. When we first think about flying helicopters for a living the first thing that comes to mind is giving rides in a helicopter, much like you see at local county fairs around the country.

Helicopter Pilot Jobs

But helicopters are useful for so much more. Among the possible helicopter pilot jobs would be flying helicopters doing:
    1. Aerial spraying;
    2. Med Evac;
    3. Pipeline patrol;
    4. Corporate aviation;
    5. Rescue pilot;
    6. Military helicopter pilot;
    7. Sightseeing;
    8. Pleasure;
    9. Business use.
    10. This list of helicopter pilot jobs is not exhaustive, but at least does demonstrate the variety of tasks helicopter pilots are called upon to complete.

Stringing Power Lines In Remote Areas

      I found the following video which shows yet another unique use for a helicopter:
      The truth is that there are many different roles you can fill by pursuing
helicopter pilot jobs
      for yourself.

Flying Helicopters Can Be Dangerous

      Flying helicopters has proven to be dangerous to the health of many pilots because of the unique ways in which helicopters are used. Many times they are flown under hazardous conditions into unimproved landing areas surrounded by obstacles which can interfere with safe flight. It is important for helicopter pilots to always be alert no matter what the conditions. In fact, an interesting book called
"Fatal Traps For Helicopter Pilots"
      describes many of these dangers in great detail. If you have an interesting job as a helicopter pilot I would love to hear about it. In the meantime keep your wings straight and level Hersch!
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      Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!
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