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Help MyGoFlight Test It's New MGF SkyDisplay HUD

by John White |

MGF Skydisplay Hud

Help Test The New MGF SkyDisplay Hud!

As pilots we are always looking for ways to make our flight safer, and the new MGF SkyDisplay Hud is a major improvement in safety! Even better, MyGoFlight is looking for an additional 17 pilots to help prove their new heads up display unit.


Because flying with a HUD is safer - period! Whether you are already an instrument rated pilot, or even a non-instrument rated pilot, a HUD could vastly improve your safety. During testing MyGoFlight had a non-instrument rated pilot fly an aircraft he was unfamiliar with equipped with the MGF SkyDisplay HUD. Using this new HUD, he flew the aircraft perfectly for two hours all by hand. The result? He was able to make a precise takeoff at rotation speed, climb out, hold level flight, make precision turns and make a picture perfect landing.

Heads Up Displays Work!

MyGoFlight's new HUD is designed to improve the proficiency of all pilots in all conditions and phases of flight. This statement is confirmed by a study conducted by Flight Safety on the use of HUDs in aviation. And, experienced HUD pilots confirm this.

The SkyDisplay HUD

The SKYDISPLAY™ HUD aligns critical flight information with a pilot’s outside view. It provides head-up guidance cues based on the information contained in the aircraft’s primary flight instruments. With the next generation of display technologies, a small footprint has been achieved allowing a HUD to fit into many cockpits that before were not an option. A HUD raises the proficiency of all pilots in all conditions and phases of flight. HUDs make flying safer. Critical flight information from the aircraft's flight deck display Head-Up. Flight path, Flight Director Cue, Aircraft Energy, Altitude, Speed and other safety features all visible as the pilot looks outside.

Help Test The SkyDisplay HUD

There are a limited number of promotional positions available right now, so if you act quickly perhaps you could be one of the lucky 17! Simply go to the My Go Flight Promotional Page and register today! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! p.s. Please share "Help MyGoFlight Test It's New MGF SkyDisplay HUD" with your friends. Thanks!

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