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Hero Of The Hudson Landing Animation

by John M. White |

All of us remember the landing of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 - "Cactus 1549" - and the cool, calm audio of Captain Sullenberger's voice as he safely landed his aircraft in the middle of the Hudson River. Now you can see an animation and "live" the flight. To watch the video simply click on this link:  "Cactus 1549 Lands In The Hudson". Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 That's what we're trained to do. — Chesley B. 'Sully' Sullenberger III, Captain of US Airways flight 1549. The A320 ditched in the Hudson River with no loss of life. The 'New York Times' reported on 16 January 2009 that he, "had just performed a remarkable feat of flying. Some were calling it a miracle. But there he stood, calmly, inside the glass waiting room at the New York Waterway terminal on Pier 79, speaking to police officials. His fine gray hair was unruffled, and his navy blue pilot’s uniform had barely a wrinkle." 15 January 2009.

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