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How NOT To Buzz A President

by John M. White |

Last summer my wife and I decided to visit Cape Cod, and we visited Nantuket instead of Martha's Vineyard. The boat ride over was great, but we came back after dark and were quite tired. We should have flown over ourselves, but decided it would be nice to be on the water and see all of the homes along the shore. If you ever wondered if President Obama feels threatened, or if the Secret Service is working harder than ever to protect him, just take a look at the TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) surrounding Martha's Vineyard during the President's holiday.Martha's Vineyard TFR circa 8-2009 Basically unless you give 72 hours notice you can not fly into or out of Martha's Vineyard, and your aircraft must be inspected prior to entering the TFR. Flight training, crop dusting and banner towing are no-nos, and many of the businesses the rely upon general aviation will lose revenue. It is interesting to note that when President Clinton visited the island the TFR restrictions were not nearly as draconian as for President Obama. James Coyne, President of the National Air Transportation Association said "I can't think of any example of such severe restrictions. It's far, far more draconian than under Clinton." But its important to protect the President as he strolls through the nude beach and enjoys the summer breezes from offshore. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

What is the cause of most aviation accidents: Usually it is because someone does too much too soon, followed very quickly by too little too late.

— Steve Wilson, NTSB investigator, Oshkosh, WI , August, 1996.

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