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What To Consider If You Want To Charter A Business Aircraft

by John White |

What You Need To Know About Chartering a Business Aircraft

If you are looking to rent, hire or charter a business aircraft for your business travel requirements, you will find that the internet does provide you with some interesting options. Online, there are a lot of websites that are devoted to showing you how to charter a business aircraft and how to add on other options which can be included. Before you charter a business aircraft you need to consider a number of things before beginning the process of entering into a charter agreement.

Things to Consider

  1. The distance you need to travel and the time allotted for that travel;
  2. Whether you are going to return the same day or at a later date;
  3. The number of people who will be onboard the aircraft;
  4. Calculate the savings in time and expense for alternative travel options;
  5. The comfort level of the passengers for travel on a private business aircraft.

Turboprop Aircraft Or Business Jet?

While for some needs a piston powered aircraft like a Cessna 310, Beech Baron or Piper Navajo may exist for a small business or cost-conscious individual, today most charter customers are looking to fly on either a turboprop or jet aircraft when they charter a business aircraft. Both turboprop aircraft like Beech King Airs and business jets like Cessna Citations and Gulfstreams have similar safety records with the primary difference being speed and cost. Generally speaking business jet aircraft will have two pilots, but a turboprop might have only one pilot. But in terms of safety I would always encourage a customer to insist on two pilots regardless of aircraft type.

Get A Business Aircraft That Meets Your Needs

While you are looking to hire a business aircraft it is important that you understand that there are many types of aircraft out there, as well as many different kinds of charter operators. In some cases it will be a company owned aircraft that has been made available for charter either directly or through a local fixed base operator, many times to defray some of the fixed costs of ownership.Charter A Beech King Air Business Aircraft In this case it is important to understand who is responsible for operating the aircraft, and who you will work with in the case of problems. The last thing you want to do is find yourself caught between the aircraft operator and aircraft owner. Be sure it is clear exactly which entity you are dealing with, and make sure everyone clearly understands the arrangements. In other cases the aircraft will be provided by a company that sells shares in owned aircraft and makes the aircraft available for charter. Sometimes part or all of the aircraft is owned by the professional aircraft charter company, and very often they belong to professional organizations like the NBAA (National Business Aircraft Association). You are going to want to review each of the options that there are for this aircraft and ensure that you are chartering a business aircraft that meets your needs. Items that you might want to consider verifying will include:

Items To Consider:

  1. What is the mileage rate of the aircraft?
  2. Are there any restrictions on the flight that you are going to be chartering like weight limits, kinds of articles that can be carried, etc.?
  3. Is there any information that will be required for each of the passengers you have?
  4. Are there any additional or hidden costs like landing fees, fuel surcharges, etc.?
  5. Do you need any identification papers or documentation?

Options That Can Make Your Chartered Flight More Enjoyable

Once you have found a company that will provide the correct size and kind of business aircraft to charter you will want to take a look at some of the different add-ons that may be available to you. Perhaps the most common consideration is whether or not they have concierge services that can provide some or all of these items:
  1. Food and beverage catering;
  2. Rental cars or limousine services;
  3. The ability to contact the crew for flight departure time changes;
  4. Steward or stewardess services for in cabin inflight services.

Make Sure You Get Alternative Quotes

One final item that is important in this process will be to make sure that you get a detailed quote from the business aircraft charter company you are considering. This will give you a good idea of what your chartered flight is going to cost and what the additional options will cost you as well. By comparing several options you can find the business aircraft charter service that provides you the best overall pricing and experience a flight that caters to your needs. In the next post we will discuss specific things you need to check before signing on the dotted line for a business aircraft charter. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7+ ps: Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter "All Things Aviation" here!

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