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How To Create A Self Healing Aircraft

by John M. White |

Sometimes new ideas give us a headache, and in some cases a tootache. Human teeth are very interesting, and may hold the secret to creating aircraft that can "self heal" themselves from cracks and deteriroation. And no, that doesn't mean that you would have to brush the aircraft once a day! human teeth Researchers from Israel and the United States have been studying the structure of teeth, and have discovered that the wavy molecular structure of teeth creates material which is many times stronger than the current composite materials being used in aircraft construction. For example, when you eat nuts and crack them with your teeth they sometimes develop small cracks in the tooth. Over time these cracks, or small fissures, heal themselves and return the tooth to its original state. Just think if we could use this same molecular technology to construct materials to build aircraft from. Herzl Chai of Tel Aviv University (TAU) School of Mechanical Engineering, who led the study with George Washington University, said: “Teeth are made from an extremely sophisticated composite material which reacts in an extraordinary way under pressure.” Remember those pictures of an aircraft smiling at you? Well, next time it just might have teeth! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7 Real planes use only a single stick to fly. This is why bulldozers & helicopters — in that order — need two.

— Paul Slattery

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