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How To Kill Corporate Aviation

by John M. White |

Yes, it is true that corporate aviation has been a mainstay of industry for several decades since Bill Lear introduced the Lear 23, but now with the Obama administrations thirst for revenue the traditional benefits of owning a corporate aircraft are coming under attack. What a sad day when the auto company executives sat on the bench in front of Congress, hands outstretched to receive a bailout, and their rear ends were blistered with criticism from these mighty, on high elected officials, for flying private jet aircraft to Washington to ask for help. Biz Jet Interior Common sense would tell anyone with half a brain that eliminting a corporate flight department might look like a great thing to do, but the cost savings were insignificant in the big picture of their financial woes. But to satisfy their voters these Congressional dogs had to bark at the corporate exectives and extract, as one of the prices for getting help, the demise of their flight departments. Now we know, of course, how efficient the government is, and how they live by the rule of unintended consequences. The reason they suffer at the hands of the rule of unintended consequences is because none of them ever read the bills they pass, nor do they bother to do a cost-benefit analysis of these flight departments to the corporations that use them! In the meantime they approve the purchase of eight (8) more biz jets for the government at a cost of $ 550 million, while at the same time excoriating corprate flight operations. Next on the agenda is the Democrat's solution for everything, which is to require everything the government provides (whether desired by the public it serves or not) to be "paid for". In the case of aviation that means "User Fees". So as Congress scours the tax code to figure out ways to make owning aircraft less beneficial and more revenue enhancing for the government you can bet they will look to tax anything that moves, and most everything that doesn't! So hang on to your hats, gentlemen - the tax man cometh! Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

I must place on record my regret that the human race ever learned to fly.

— Sir Winston Churchill

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