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"In Plane View"

by John M. White |

As any of us who have ever visited the National Air and Space Museum can tell you, the aircraft on display are, to say the least, spectacular. I recall being there a number of years ago for a convention of the AIA (Aviation Insurance Association) which included a cocktail party and dinner at the museum. I had taken my godson with us, and he was fascinated by all of the aircraft on display. Bookcover The museum has its own official photographer, Carolyn Russo, who has put together 56 large-format photographs in a book which showcase the often overlooked aesthetic quality of aircraft design. The title of the book is In Plane View: Abstractions of Flight. The featured aircraft include the Bell X-1 "Glamorous Glennis", SR-71 "Blackbird", 5B Vega, the Northrop Gamma Polar Star and the Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis" flown by Lindbergh across the Atlantic Ocean from America to France on May 20–21, 1927. The museum has created an exhibition of Russo's photographs which will be on display through January 2, 2009. The exhibition has been divided into five categories: Speed, Bursts, Movement - Flora, Fauna, anthropomorphism - Propellers - Graphics and Texture/Skin. Here is a link to the Exhibition Brochure which I know you will really enjoy!Spitfireexhaust_2 For those of us who love aviation these photographs evoke the feelings which have attracted all of us to careers and hobbies in aviation. If you can you really should visit the museum - it is spectacular. If you can't, then I would encourage you to purchase your very own copy of In Plane View: Abstractions of Flight Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch! JetAviator7

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