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In Tough Economic Times Reworking Your Aircraft Can Really Pay

by John M. White |

As a Citation pilot myself I am impressed with the Clifford Development companies development of the re-engined and modified Citation 550 model aircraft which can now climb directly to FL430 in 27 minutes without having to step climb and spend an hour and 47 minutes to do it.  Add to that a 40% increase in NBAA range and you have a real improvement in a very popular aircraft. Clifford_Citation_II

Cessna seized the bizjet market by storm with it's Citation series of aircraft ranging from the world's fastest bizjet (the Citation X) to the best performing very light jet (the Citation Mustang), and everything in between.  And now they are aiming at the mid-size bizjet market as well, so competitors be aware!

With Williams new FJ44-3A engines and a couple of winglets the aircraft can really fly, and has given new life to a great aircraft.  The Clifford modified aircraft have it all: range, climb performance and a boost of 20% in fuel economy it is a win-win for everyone.  You can plan on this aircraft being around for a long time to come.

Once again aviation proves it can continued to develop ever more effecient and effective business tools for the business community, and this aircraft is no exception.  Why settle for mediocre performance when you can go first class?

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


I searched along the changing edge
Where, sky-pierced now the cloud had broken.
I saw no bird, no blade of wing,
No song was spoken.
I stood, my eyes turned upward still
And drank the air and breathed the light.
Then, like a hawk upon the wind,
I climbed the sky, I made the flight.

— Elizabeth J. Buchtenkirk

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