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Is Microsoft Flight Simulator Useful For Pilot Training?

by John M. White |

Wendy Beckman, a researcher at Middle Tennessee State University, is looking for instrument rated pilots to take a short 12 question online survey to help determine if Microsoft Flight Simulator could be useful in training pilots. Click on image to enlarge

To take the survey go to Instrument Pilot use of Microsoft Flight Simulator to take the short survey for yourself.  By taking the survey you will not only help Beckman but perhaps learn a little more about yourself. "The point of the whole exercise is just to determine if there is some usefulness to the software for pilots," she remarked . There are lots of opinions about that, she said, "but it would be nice to have some data." Pilots can participate whether or not they have ever used the program, or if they used it during their training or later to maintain proficiency. Participants are anonymous, and no identifying information is collected.

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Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


Death is a Matter of Mathematics

Death is a matter of mathematics.
It screeches down at you from dirty white nothingness
And your life is a question of velocity and altitude,
With allowances for wind and the quick, relentless pull
Of gravity

Or else it lies concealed
In that fleecy, peaceful puff of cloud ahead.
A streamlined, muttering vulture, waiting
To swoop upon you with a rush of steel.
And then your chances vary as the curves
Of your parabolas, your banks, your dives,
The scientific soundness of your choice
Of what to push or pull, and how, and when.

— Barry Conrad Amiel

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