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How Altitude Can Affect Your Aircrafts Performance

by John M. White |

Believe it or not altitude is more than just how high you are above the ground or above sea level. In fact there are 5 different types of altitude! Can you explain pressure or density altitude? These two go hand and hand and greatly effect how well your aircraft performs. Let's look at 1 of the 5. Density altitude is best described as how high your airplane "feels" it is. For example if density altitude on the ground is 2,500 ft your airplane will perform as if it's at 2,500 ft just sitting on the ground! Crazy huh? Think about flying out west where you already are at a high altitude because of the terrain then start adding density altitude on top of that! This really starts to test the airplane and the pilots ability to plan proper takeoff distances. So what factors contribute to a higher density altitude? - High Temperatures - High Humidity - Altitude Curious about the other types of altitude? Check out this video Be sure and follow me on our "Flying Across America" to promote general aviation. Jason

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