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Love Those Wacos!

by John M. White |

From June 26th 2008 through June 29th the skies near Mt. Vernon, Ohio were filled with Waco's attending the 50th anniversary of the National Waco Club Reunion.  These great birds navigated to and alighted upon a well groomed grass strip called the Wynkoop Airport. Wacos

Of the twenty aircraft that were able to make it there was a great selection of Wacos ranging from the 1928 Waco ASO to a 1941 Waco UPF-7 and everything in between.  More would have participated but for a stalled cold front which hampered activity during the week with scattered thunderstorms and rain showers.

Most of us are familiar with the open cockpit versions, but many of the models present were cabin model Wacos as well.  The event is sponsored by the National Waco Club which was founded in 1958 by a small group of six Waco enthusiasts who loved owning and flying Waco airplanes.

The club is recognized as the oldest "Aircraft Type Club" in the United States, and membership is open to anyone with a love for Waco airplanes.  If interested visit their website at National Waco Club and peruse a great selection of Waco photographs.

If you have never flown or ridden in an open cockpit Waco then you have never lived!  I highly recommend this as an adventure you will never forget.  I was able to get all of my children up in one, and can tell you it is a thrill for the youngsters.

Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!


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